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Arkansas Dog Bite Attorney: Animal Attack Injuries

Help for Dog Bite Victims

Dog attacks can leave a victim severely injured and even disfigured. Dogs typically attack hands, arms and legs of adults who are standing.If a dog bites a child, injuries are often much worse. The dog is more likely to attack childrens' hands, face and throat. Since dogs are predators, their teeth are dangerous weapons, especially in the larger breeds, which cause a variety of types of wounds. Bite victims of all ages can suffer very severe injuries and in some cases an attack can prove fatal. An Arkansas personal injury attorney represents victims in dog bite or animal attack claims and parents and other surviving family of victims in wrongful death claims.

Dog Bite Lawyer in Arkansas

When larger breeds, such as pitbulls, bite or attack, a person's bones may be crushed and the wounds can be deep and extensive. This can result in infection or illness transmitted from the dog to the victim through the wounds. Emergency treatment and surgical procedures may both be needed to repair the damage the dog has caused. Follow up procedures can be necessary to reduce scars and in severe cases reduce disfigurement through reconstructive or plastic surgery. Treatment can take years, and the medical costs can quickly become enormous.

Most of the time, the victim has already met the dog that bit them. this means animal attack injuries are from household pets, or pets of friends or neighbors. This relationship sometimes causes the victim or family to be unwilling to file a claim for damages. Most homeowners carry home insurance policies which include coverage for injuries which occur on their property or in this kind of circumstance where a pet has escaped the property and causes injury. This type of claim is filed with the insurance company. Your dog bite lawyer can deal directly with the insurance company to ensure a fair settlement.

We understand the emotional trauma experienced by the victim of this type of attack. Your claim for compensation could include emergency medical care, subsequent medical procedures and treatment, pain and suffering, emotional distress, counseling, physical therapy, and other losses directly related to the accident. In the case of such a traumatic event, you need a skilled personal injury lawyer who will fight aggressively to ensure full compensation is received.

Contact an Arkansas dog bite attorneyat The Arkansas Injury Law Center who can provide the aggressive and knowledgeable representation you need.

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